who we are…

Have you ever had this thought…”Hey my life is pretty sweet!  Good job, nice home, great friends and family – what more is there?”

And the still small voice inside says “well…what more is there?”

This was me.  

“Is this it? As good as IT is – is this IT?”

I asked myself:  “as good as this is…do I want to do THIS for another 20 years?”

My “ah-ha” moment came when first, I turned 50 – I know – how cliché is that!

But then I realized that retirement was not likely – no one was ever going to tap me on the shoulder and say “Hey – you’ve reached the magical 80/20 numbers and can now retire and take your pension.”

As a business owner – my home and business ARE my pension!  So, thought I, if this is the case, and I accept that I will have to work at something for as long as I can imagine – then what am I waiting for?  Why don’t I start living that alternative, never-gonna-retire mode NOW!  Why wouldn’t I start orchestrating and designing both my personal and professional life NOW to facilitate an alternative, location independent lifestyle!

I fell in love with that term the first time I heard it – Location Independent – the term itself incorporates two of my favorite desires – location – somewhere NOT -30° half the year, and independence – my ever-present guiding principle.

At the same time I was becoming more and more disillusioned by the school system and my son’s experiences in his early high school years.

So the wheels started turning!  What if….we could “escape” for a year?

Well, when you open those doors to the universe – be careful what you wish for!  It just so happened that a friend/colleague had the good fortune to be able to propose a business partnership and, to make a long story short – part of our new partnership agreement involved me taking a year of semi-sabbatical time with my son!

And so it began…the planning, training, renovating, letting go…all aspects leading up to our eventual departure will be covered in upcoming posts as I reflect on the photos, stories, trials and tribulations – all part of the price to pay in redesigning our lives.